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What is Socionics?

A brief definition of Socionics including some questions raised and key concepts to appreciate.
What is Socionics?

I would firstly describe the word socionics as a portmanteau made up of social and mechanics which we can define in two parts as follows:

1) Social, an adjective simply meaning "relating to society or its organization";

2) Mechanics, a noun in this context meaning "the technical aspect or working part; mechanism; structure.";

Socionics in a nutshell approximates to a decentralised and somewhat esoteric field of study that continually raises the primary question of 'how does society work?' with sub-questions of 'how do various personality types operate individually and collectively?' and 'what effects do those types have on each other?'.

We end up with a some key concepts to appreciate therefore:

  • The 16 basic personality types with the possibility for sub-types to exist therein;
  • The 16 inter-type relationships that exist between those personality types;
  • The various small group dynamics that exist between those who have specific inter-type relationships - some with measurable health effects on each other both negative and/or positive;

In short, an ongoing in-depth technical discussion on the human experience of relationships and why you may get along with certain people and why you cannot seem to get along with other people no matter how hard you try.

Thanks for reading. Look out for more Socionics tagged content as it becomes available or if you can't wait, go grab a copy of Your Social World Explained which contains a complete analysis of each type including pointers for personal development.

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