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Side hustling during the stay-at-home era

An introspective post on how I increasingly achieve a level of work-life integration that the stay-at-home era has seemingly encouraged.
Side hustling during the stay-at-home era

During the current "stay-at-home era" in which working from home has become the norm I believe it will get increasingly more difficult, weird or otherwise improbable to return to working in a corporate office in the way that we may have gotten used to previously.

It would seem to me that the millennial generation has finally accomplished the dream of work-life integration, an upgrade on mere balance. In other words, for example, as I sit here typing this post I simultaneously have my corporate work laptop open that I shift my eyes to monitor over for incoming important emails/messages that require fairly immediate action while I take the odd break doing some of my "life" side of things where the balancing of time has now become integrated.

Work-life integration in essence means that I can and should hold down a corporate career while doing my own creative stuff near-enough simultaneously provided I get things done for the former in a reasonable manner. Interestingly, due to the work-from-home lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic it has become easier to achieve this level of integration where the idea of work-life balance has become relatively obsolete to me.

In short, I simply don't find the balancing of time happen much anymore but I do get the integration if I just accept that my day should consist of both work-life streams rather than get split off exclusively during on-shift and off-shift e.g. I can't always dictate to my personal creativity/passion for writing that it will shine from 5pm to 9pm after the ubiquitous nine-to-five day job has ended.

I would say one should always keep the day job separate from their side hustle but that's not to say one can't use some technology to share the resources between them in an integrated and complementary way. For example, I recently acquired a new wireless keyboard and mouse that has multiple device support i.e. one keyboard and mouse to share between my personal computer and work laptop at the flick of a switch.

In conclusion, the stay-at-home era has produced the catalyst required to allow individuals to take advantage of the two-pronged approach to wealth generation i.e. working on one's career and full time day job complemented by a part time side hustle that may eventually override it in terms of remunerations given the stability of the former that allows the integration of work and life.

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